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Essentials in Blackboard for Online Course Design, Part 1

 |  Lara Madden  |  , ,

When just beginning or updating the first draft of your online learning course review this information to understand how and where to use the built in course design tools found in Blackboard Learn.

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Accessing Fall 2016 and Prior Collaborate Sessions

 |  Amy Ross  |  ,

Accessing and adding previously recorded BB Collaborate sessions to a current course.

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Streamline Grading with Rubrics

 |  Heather Marie  |  , ,

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a big fan of rubrics. When I first started teaching, I was grading 150 sophomore essays every three weeks and working long(er than necessary) hours commenting on all of them. The problem? The comments were redundant, but I wanted my students to know how to improve. I expressed this to an experienced colleague who introduced me to rubrics. I created a rubric for my next round of essays, reviewed it with my students, noticed they demonstrated a better grasp of the assignment, cut my grading time by at least a third, and was sold!

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Using Screencasting to Enhance Online Learning

 |  Lara Madden, Faculty Development Specialist  |  , ,

Do you want to enhance your online course environments with your voice and course content lectures? Review this material to choose the best way to "capture" your course lectures and post them for student learning.

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Using VoiceThread to Increase Student Engagement and Community

 |  Heather Marie & Lara Madden  |  , , ,

VoiceThread is a dynamic online tool that is very visual and allows students to comment on images, videos, or instructor prompts with text, audio or video. It takes 4 steps to set up a new VoiceThread discussion, but the student experience can be enhanced by putting some time into this process. VoiceThread (VT) is also a great tool to build community in F2F, online, and blended courses.

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